OSS has supported various clients for Helipad & Hangar Construction. Our service portfolio encompasses the below given mechanism with end to end support.



Measurement of Geographical Coordinates (In WGS-84 System)

30 NM Chart

Design and Development of Complete associated Infrastructure

Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart-ICAO

Prepare blue Print of entire proposed Infrastructure

Aircraft Parking / Docking Chart-ICAO

Preparation of Technical Feasibility Report/ Project Feasibility Report

Area Chart-ICAO

Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type A

Standard Departure Chart-Instrument (SID)-ICAO

Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type B

Standard Arrival Chart-Instrument (STAR)-ICAO

Aerodrome Obstacle Chart-ICAO Type C

Approach Chart

Precision Approach Terrain Chart-ICAO

Visual Approach Chart-ICAO

En-route Chart-ICAO

Grid Map

Approach Chart-ICAO

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS Chart)

Aerodrome Chart-ICAO

Search and Rescue Chart







Aviation Manual Support




Aerodrome/Heliport Manual



Aerodrome/Heliport SOP



SMS Manual



FSDS Manual



ERP manual



Airport Security Manual



Airport Contingency Plan etc.