Company Profile

OSS Air  Management  Pvt.  Ltd. has over 4  years  of comprehensive experience as India’s finest aviation support services company with matchless efficiency, quality, reliability, and turnaround time.

OSS Air has 60 engineers and 19 pilots at five (5) base locations (airports) with 3 Hangars (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) across India to support 16 Helicopters  under  maintenance  contracts  and 7 under  Operations  Management. Our services include airframe, avionics, and engine maintenance; aircraft management, charter services, aviation crew and training.

As Service Providers, our company takes a proactive solutions approach to meet all the aviation needs of our customers. The success of an aviation operation depends primarily  on  the high  operational  availability  and  dispatch  of its helicopters. The quality of ground support and high caliber of maintenance and operational staff  is another  crucial factor.  OSS Air as a partner of Agusta S p A is confident of meeting these high goals because
of the experience of the company in the field of  training,  research and development and customer support for which it has facilities available round-the-clock. OSS Air is confident of obtaining  all these resources from Agusta S p A thus enabling us to arrange the most favorable Business Relations possible for our clients.

OSS Air is in the process of establishing a Customs Bonded  Warehouse for Agusta spares and components. With the commissioning of this store, the reaction time for delivery of spares  and components to Agusta  customers  in India  will reduce considerably. Infact, we expect to deliver customers requirements within 24 hours.

OSS Air will thus become the first Helicopter Service Provider in India to offer a “Total Solutions Package”  including Maintenance; Operations; Spare Parts; Sales Consultancy; Pratt & Whitney Engine Support and On-Shore Charters (we own/operate 5 helicopters), all under one roof.